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They’re not even trying to hide the run-up for the next hoax and crime against humanity. BHO predicts the sci-fi future – which sounds a lot like the wicked past. According to him, when if the “aliens” arrive, we’ll all have new religions and the need for a shit-ton of newfangled weaponry. Let me guess: the new religions will look almost exactly like the same old, worn, evil, and satanic NWO humanism and related, enlightened nonsense. The one requirement will be that everyone who worships God, especially in and through Jesus Christ, will need to renounce their unscientific, hateful ways. If the “aliens” are friendly, then they will bring new light (like Lucifer) about the “truth.” Everyone will need to capitulate. And, if the “aliens” are hostile, then we’ll have to ditch God in order to appease them.

Everything these “aliens” will tell mankind, or that we will be told that they say, will sound just like the current and pre-existing crop of luciferian lies.

The new weapons? Watch and note that none of them will be space-based, where, you know, they might be effective against the “aliens.” No, they will likely be of the earthy and fourth-fifth generation variety aimed at coercing humans. Again, if the “aliens” are friendly, then the guns will be turned on crazy conspiracy theorists, White nationalist insurrectionists who seek to cruelly disrupt the new age of wonder and progress. Should the “aliens” be the mean kind, then the new weapons will be used against the traitorous, bigoted Christians who aid and abet the new enemy.

This issue is utterly transparent. They must calculate that the vast majority of people will fall in line. They probably calculate correctly. Just know, now and whenever this hoax hits, that THERE. ARE. NO. ALIENS. Whatever they show us – and it will be convincing like a good CGI Hollywood movie – is a lie and a deception meant to kill or enslave. It’s either going to be wicked people, as usual, or it could possibly be demons channeling through wicked people. They’ll give us a preview of hell on earth to make the Coronascam look delightful. All a lie. All the work of evil people.

Honestly, we cannot and should not live with these accursed wretches.