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The Corona Hoax is the Largest War Crime in Human History

This might be the most important column I’ve ever written. And, oddly, it concerns a subject that I never took seriously and of which I am utterly disgusted and tired. As important as it is, the following is all I can muster this week.

The American Indians, some group of them, say we all have two wolves fighting inside of us. Feed one, etc. I’ll get to my personal big bad duo towards the end.

When I first heard of the Sars2 COVID-19 virus, in Wuhan, I thought, “hmm, terrible.” You’ll recall that originally it came from some dupe eating a raw bat head sandwich or something. When I heard the disease was coming to Amerika, I immediately labeled it a hoax. I’ve never relented. I was right, though I underestimated the thing.

A year ago, I reasoned that the hoax virus was developed by the usual suspects primarily to serve as cover for a collapsing global economy. That, I believe, is still true, but it is only a small part of the campaign against humanity. What this hoax is, in its totality, is massive open warfare, waged by satanists against the whole world. They openly state they want to kill off a vast percentage of the human race. They want to rule over the survivors as slaves. So many of the slaves are more than happy to help them.

Coronaviruses exist, being common cold and flu bugs. We have lived with them for time immemorial. This particular, alleged Coronavirus has never been positively observed or identified. We have these things called scanning electron microscopes. We have genetic sequencing. In this strange case, the technology has never been applied to the subject bug. Why? I suggest it is because the specific alleged virus does not exist.

Where do all of these millions and millions of cases come from? The WHO and the CDC are explicit that they have relabeled all respiratory illnesses as “COVID.” That’s why 2020 saw virtually zero cases of the flu. In the USSA, the number of reported hoax cases strangely mirrored an ordinary cold and flu season count. 

How does someone develop a vaccine for a disease that has never been identified? One does not. There is no vaccine. What the retarded masses are accepting into their bodies is a chemical warfare agent. The “jab” is experimental gene therapy. It is immediately lethally dangerous upon delivery. In the USSA, in 2021, people are more likely to die from this poison than they are from firearms. However, the greater concern is for the long-term effects. 

It is known or strongly suspected that the hoax poison does or will do the following:

Sterilize fertile women (miscarriages are up 6,000% already);

Possibly spread, via cellular shedding and reuptake, to the unvaccinated;

UPDATE: Of course, Pfizer knew;

Cause the immune system to attack the body;

Cause severe susceptibility to future viral infection;

Accelerate certain cancers; and,

Cause other genetic disorders of the kind usually reserved for Sci-Fi novels.

There is a reason why Deagel predicts a 70% decline in the populations of Europe and the USSA in the next four years. They refuse to explain what that reason is. They don’t really have to.

None of the other bullshit makes sense either unless it is all viewed through the lens of luciferian totalitarian control. Masks do not stop viral transmission. Masks do promote bacterial infection and oxygen deprivation. Masks also cause psychological harm and mark the wearer as a compliant member of the cult.

Six feet is an insufficient space to halt viral transmission. Indoors, sixty feet is insufficient. Anti-social distancing, lockdowns, and the rest are merely dehumanizing rituals performed in order to break the human spirit and disrupt societal life and participation. This insidious evil has the effect of transforming the entire world into a concentration camp.

All of this, by the way, as usual with these kinds of schemes, was preplanned years in advance. Hats off to these bastards – damn them all, destroy them all – but, hats off for their ingenuity and accurate prediction of the response of the masses to a simple, almost comical regime of fear and nothing else. 

As I mentioned, I am over this hoax. Ergo, I’ll just wrap this one up lest it drags on for 10,000 words…

The Amerikan people, and, evidently, the people of the world, are so given to unnatural fear that they are simply incapable of grasping open, obvious reality. However, for some inexplicable reason – altruism, likely – I still hold some degree of concern for them. Thus, even as it pains me, I continue with writings like this. 

My wolves are generally in agreement. Right now, the Saxon wolf sharpens his sword. The Christian wolf looks on and says, “It’s about time.”

*Quality will improve (again) tomorrow!

**Alternative “column” possibly submitted to TPC?