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Decisions, Decisions…

an admittedly-second rate column…

*I submitted this one to TPC, both to see if they wanted it and if they’re back from the usual vacation. For this audience, the body has been slightly edited.


This week, in spite of a myriad of potential topics, I had extreme difficulty coming up with that one, golden subject crying out for attention. Please, if you will, stumble through a shortlist of the candidates with me. Maybe something will jump out at us.

The verdict is in! Twelve craven retards convicted Derek Chauvin of all three counts in his show trial over the narcotics overdose death of the violent felon, druggie, and small-time porn actor Big Floyd. The evidence was incontrovertible that Floyd died of cardio-pulmonary failure caused by extremely poor vascular health and a triple lethal dose of Fentanyl (among several other varieties of dope). But, what does evidence matter in this day and age? Faced with threats of insurrection by Mad Maxine and her legions of Burn, Loot, Murder thugs, and Antifa terrorists, the jury and the system did what everyone suspected they would. We could say that April 20th was the day justice died but that call would be years late. And, really, no one cares.

They’re bragging about it! Yesterday, it was a crazy conspiracy theory. Now, even the fake president boasts to the fake media about fake foreign meddling in the fake 2020 election. According to former Vice President Dusthead, Russia rigged the electoral process resulting in Dusthead’s selection. I know nobody cares, but this point leads me to the next possibility:

War! It’s not clear who, exactly, is calling the shots in DC, but whoever it is, they want a war with Russia really, really, really badly. That’s about how it would or will end too. Whoever it is – and it’s not Dusthead nor Willie B’s call girl – they are not one-note luciferians: they are also bound and determined to lose a war to China, Iran, and maybe some other countries. Big yawn, right?

What’s another one? Realize it or not, we’re already involved in multiple wars. From the outside, several factions, already warring with each other, are fighting over who gets to claim the prize of the gutted shell of Amerika. What a prize?! They have been waging unrestricted warfare against the US for at least a decade, with copious assistance from the inside. On top of that, we are already in the early, cooler stages of a civil war. But, as heavy munitions haven’t destroyed your house yet, you don’t mind, do you? I certainly do not.

The 2020 Census is inbound! No changes whatsoever, eh, Senator Kennedy? This one really isn’t that important as anyone with a triple-digit IQ can already see the shift and terminal decline.

In less than four months, Planned Parenthood has already murdered over 100,000 babies, roughly a third of the total killed this pitiful year. Hey! Better them than you, right, you gutless piece of excrement…

Part of the civil war is the Great Hoax that is now morphing into the greatest war crime ever! “Your” government has kindly admitted that there is not nor was there ever a “Coronavirus pandemic.” It really is nothing more than a rebranded cold, flu, and pneumonia season, and a milder one at that. Why worry about facts, when you have your beloved masks?

Masks are ineffective and dangerous. The literate and curious have been aware of this since around 1920. However, last fall a Hoax-specific study revealed how masks mess with the mind, deprive the brain of oxygen, make you look like a foolish slave, but at least they do nothing to slow down viral transmission! I know, I know, it’s part of your religion. Wear it. Don a Glad bag if you want to.

The fake vaccine is poison. The statistics (I know they’re “racist” like all other math) plainly show that, even before factoring in potential super-charged secondary infections or accelerated cancers, the experimental mRNA technology itself is more deadly to USians than firearms. Dusthead: common sense #PoisonControl? No…

The economy is completely disconnected from reality. Dogecoin was started as a joke. A jocular hoax, based on a meme, aimed at another crypto scam, all built off of a decimated fiat currency … now has a more valuable market capitalization than Ford Motor Company. We’re not in Clownworld. We’re in Clownworld’s version of Clownworld. 

On top of all of that…

*I removed the TPC punchline as it isn’t necessary here. It was a struggle to come up with something. Soon, I feel the need for a little more fiction. Actually, I feel the need for a lot more fiction!