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Just as video killed the radio star, so woke idiocy kills the institution – any institution. In this case, it’s a school, an elite private prep school.

Early last June, Brentwood School posted an image of a black square on Instagram. This was eight days after George Floyd had been killed, and it was part of #BlackoutTuesday, a social media campaign against racism and inequality. Other Los Angeles prep schools also participated in the well-intentioned if largely symbolic online gesture, along with millions of other institutions, businesses, and individuals. But Brentwood’s black box got what’s known as ratioed; it received more negative comments than likes. Many more.

I’m sure they also posted a White square for Ashley Babbit…

Here’s just another example that no school, public or private, or even ultra-elitist is safe in the fading USSA. If a potential school isn’t explicitly and actively Christian and pro-Western, then write it off. In fact, if a school maintains an active social media presence, that might be a sign. The surest bet is to educate your children yourself.