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The Breakup of the United States Begins


Two things are mathematically certain about the future of the US. First, it’s over – even now. Second, it’s going to break apart into smaller nations. How many? Time will tell, though the short answer is “enough.” A third thing that is not precisely definite, but rather, much more likely than not, is open war accompanying the dissolution. Americans like the hard way, after all.

This column is about the second stage. Accordingly, I’ll hold a moment while you cue up The Breakup Song by the Greg Kihn Band as background reading music. Ah-ah-ah, ah-ah-ah-ah, aah… Got that? Good.

As with the Second Coming, only God Almighty knows the timing of this thing. And none of us mortals know exactly where the lines will be drawn. Honestly, before it’s over, it’s sure to be a messy process. We’re already getting glimpses of the start.

Last week, on March 25, 2021, Rep. Jeremy Munson of Lake Crystal, Minnesota debuted HF 2423, under which, if passed, the western half of the Land of 10,000 Lakes would secede from the eastern portion of the state and join South Dakota. 

Munson Tweeted the essential steps of the process: “1) Pass HF2423 by the #mnleg; 2) MN Voters allow Counties to leave; 3) Counties vote to join neighboring State, and 4) Congress approves.” Finally, after all these years, a meaningful Tweet! One also beset with problems, particularly in step four.

Congress, this Congress, the one worshipful of the demon Brahma, might not be so keen on the idea. However, they can be – and ultimately will be – dealt with or ignored.

What’s driving this? There’s the fact that nothing works anymore and people are starting to read the tea leaves. Much of the stated logic behind the legislation centers on rural v. urban, conservative v. liberal, and red v. blue. All of those are semi-valid but there’s also the demographic difference between the genteel western counties and the more “diverse” areas around Duluth, Saint Cloud, The Twins, and Rochester. Something about something about multi-something just not working and people wanting to be around their own. 

Homogeneity being a universally-desired state of being, Minnesotans are not alone in their quest for separation. If allowed under a similar proposal, a vast tract of western Virginia would peel away and join with the former VA counties that previously peeled away to form West Virginia. New York once claimed (without success) Vermont as territory. Now, northern and rural New York could conceivably merge into VT – or PA. 

There’s also the prospect that parts of existing states might seek to form their own fully-distinct states. For example, the relatively normal people in northern California become ill-at-ease with those folks from Sacramento and points south. There are more examples, each requiring an even higher degree of Congressional approval than what Munson seeks – with one exception: Texas. Not that it’s immediately in the cards, but TX joined the Union with the express condition that it could subdivide as decided by Texans and without an OK from DC.

As things devolve further and faster, states, or parts of states, or groups of states will invariably break free from the dying US and form completely sovereign nations. Again, no one knows when this will happen or how it will look. However, when it happens, it will not play out along manufactured political lines. Well, it will, but those will be subservient to the greater, truer lines of Identity. 

Plainly put, people(s) want to live with others who share their own racial or ethnic, religious, and trust or intelligence composition. Westerners of European descent want to and will align with people who look, believe, and think as they do. The same goes for Asians, Africans, and everyone else. The modern revulsion at this natural fact is as false as it is new, staring down the entirety of human history and experience. Like it or not, it’s coming. When it does, then will arise the substantial threat of open warfare over resources within the given or proposed bounds set by the separating groups. 

I’ve recently read some of the most idiotic comments and theories put forward in the antithesis of this progression. Luciferian leftists obviously oppose the natural order, having created such a horrible, jumbled imbalance in the first place. It’s the conservatives and libertarians, usually trying to be “nice” (or stupid), who still refuse to acknowledge reality. All of them necessarily begin from some variant of the enlightened, globalized, civic nationalist view of what constitutes a nation. All of them are, almost without exception, solipsistic. You, the individual, really don’t matter in the grand scheme of things. You may get a practical political vote, but it really won’t matter for much or as to deciding the greater issues. Protestations, here, will be no more effective than those issued against the coming of an earthquake. Find. Your. Tribe. There’s time.

We are, most of us, probably steaming towards a Yugoslavian rather than a Czechoslovakian scenario. Count on chaos. Just know that at the other end, the results will be better for everyone involved. Babel was not meant to hold together; it literally must come apart. It’s already started. (Song time out okay?)

*TPC may (may???) come back next week.