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A post I made and then lifted straight from FPC (see what you’re missing?):

Friends, FRC and FPC fans, this may be the most important post yet. I glimpsed this article just now: Coffee for Introverts??

Anyway, they write:

A new study of 2,000 coffee drinkers in the United States found that those who prefer cold brew or iced coffee are more likely to travel and to be introverted. They are also more likely to prefer warm and sunny climates and binge-watch science fiction shows.

In contrast, hot coffee drinkers tend to be more extroverted and prefer comedies. They also like overcast weather and listen to musical artists like Taylor Swift.

This isn’t a judgment call on anyone (except maybe my email spam filter); if you’re buying Freedom Roasters, we’re happy. But, these findings are suspect. I had a conversation with a friend, yesterday, and it came up as to whether I’m a very gregarious introvert or a mildly-misanthropic extrovert – jury’s still out. I like the sun and traveling (or did, pre-hoax) but I like the java hot, strong, and black [inset pun]. I also like cloudy weather, accept some comedies (like the current “administration”), yet I detest both sci-fi TV and Taylor Swift’s “music.”

They also mention something about adding soy and milk to coffee??!! If “soy n milk” is a brand of Scotch with which I’m unfamiliar, then that’s one thing. Otherwise, WHAT?

I thought I’d share this alarming or enlightening news with the discerning crowd. What say you, preppers?

This ramble brought to you by FRC Espresso.