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Roosh wrote up an excellent essay on the evils of the cult of free both in terms of how they use, abuse, and dump creators, and as to how their techno marketing is geared only for them and their freak pets of the day.

It’s helpful that the platform exaggerates its own usefulness by implementing an algorithm to give followers and views to new users even if their content doesn’t warrant it. The honeymoon won’t last for long: soon the platform holds your followers hostage. Instead of showing followers your content, a platform like Facebook demands money from you to help “boost” your post—to those who already opted in to your work. Or how about YouTube, which refuses to notify your subscribers of a new video upload. Once the platform gets big enough, the algorithm is tweaked to maximize benefits for them, not exposure for you.

When using a platform, you’re essentially making a deal with the devil. You grant a perpetual license for your content to a corporation and submit to arbitrary and stifling rules in exchange for eyeballs, status, or fame. As long as you serve the will of the platform, the deal seems like it will have no cost, but as soon as you begin to think for yourself, or wish to create content that does not serve the prevailing agenda of the Jewish owner of the platform, you will be swiftly throttled or banned.

It’s no big deal if you get banned, because you can just take your subscribers elsewhere, right? Wrong, the platform has access to your subscriber list and will not let you contact them. When I was banned from YouTube, I had no way of contacting my 60,000 subscribers to let them know where they could find my future videos. While many of them were already familiar with my blog, half weren’t, because my videos since then have suffered a 50-60% drop in views. Perhaps they are still clicking reload on YouTube, wondering why I stopped making videos.

FPTV and PPN are still on YT. That’s not my call, I openly mock Susan and Co. every time I can think of it, and we have a prepared fallback already operational. However, if you, the casual user, still engage with these worthless agents of hell, then you deserve every last shred of deviance they force your way. Meanwhile, Roosh continues to become more impressive every single week.