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Vox found some very interesting numbers:

Political breakup or global depopulation

A global forecast site is predicting a 70 percent decline in the US population… by 2025:

As we had reported on ANP back on December 31st of 2017, Deagel was previously forecasting the US population to drop to 54 million people by 2025, down from what was then 324 million people in 2016. Well as we see now in the screenshot above taken from their website page for the United States this morning, Deagel is now forecasting that the 2025 population of the USA will be a nice, round 100 million people – nearly doubling their previous 2025 forecast for America of 54 million.
Yet as it’s easy to see, even a 2025 forecast of 100 million people living here in less than 8 years is STILL DOWN 227 million from the 2017 population of America. How will America LOSE 227 million people by 2025?

What could possibly cause such a rapid, genocidal drop? (Hey! Get your “jab” yet???) Well, if this pans out, it will make the 2033 prediction rather obsolete, won’t it? We’ll know between now and then. Interesting times.