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Will The Storm Save The Republic?

Today’s column is somewhat of a follow-up on my last, longer article. I think you will find it extremely inspirational.

That 2020 election was something else, wasn’t it? What a way to end a year of nearly unmitigated disaster. There was a dubious pandemic, likely covering an economic collapse or something much worse. The whole year was a state of emergency exacerbated by civil unrest and general uncertainty. Nerves were frayed enough and then along came the political theater. To top it off, no sooner than the polls closed than the challenges began against the putative winner. Allegations of paper, electronic, systemic, and secret-societal fraud poured forth, all substantiated by what can only be described as hard evidence, proof, in fact.

Yet and still, the corrupt bureaucrats, legislators, judges, media, and others of power and influence refused to hear the evidence. These parties eagerly rubber-stamped the fraud and, going much further, began a pre-planned campaign to spread lies and squelch dissent. The situation looked, for all intents and purposes, final. The deed was done. The nominally-defeated, many of them, began to sulk and mutter about the “next time.” The victors prepared to take power and press forward with a most progressive agenda – a great reset, if you will.

Then, only a few weeks ago, the most miraculous thing happened. The military, long rumored to be positioned against such electoral theft, took bold, decisive action. A period of emergency martial law was imposed. A new, honest election was promised. The incoming, illegitimate head of state was arrested for multiple crimes. Hundreds of corrupt officials were arrested for their roles in the coup. The fake news media was caged. The complicit members of the larger tech platforms were silenced via a nationwide internet blackout.

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