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Wasn’t that the standard answer when Christian Americans objected to the filthy “free speech” of the luciferians? Now, that the tables are turning, they can’t seem to take their own evil advice.

Flags flying outside two homes in Plymouth proclaim in stark — and some have complained, vulgar and inappropriate language — the residents’ rejection of the November election results and President Joe Biden.

About a half mile apart in the town’s Terryville section, both banners hang below American flags and state in bold, white letters on blue background, “F—- BIDEN,” and below that, in smaller type, “And … you for voting for him!”

“Fuck you” = free speech

“Phuck Drumpf” = free speech

Christ in urine = free speech

Bloody Trump mannequin head = free speech

“Kill Whitey” = free speech

“We will replace you” = free speech

THIS FLAG = OMG, Hate Crime!

But, in defense of the other side, not that many people voted for him. Fuck election theft?