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This one takes the cake even concerning government school stupidity. Even in 2021. Even with the hoax in full, never-ending force. Elementary school children in Horry County, SC are literally confined to jail cells made of plexiglass. And, of course, their teacher is in trouble for sharing this grand innovation with the world. Do watch the video of the classroom prison holding area.

An elementary school teacher was asked to remove a video from her personal Facebook feed by the Horry County Schools District Office on Friday afternoon, with the 82-second video questioning the way that plexiglass was installed at Forestbrook Elementary.

Teresa Holmes, a fifth-grade teacher, showcased the “prison-like” structures in her classroom, questioning whether any member of the HCS Board of Education had sat in one of the desks, pointing specifically to the obstructed views of the classroom white board due to the plexiglass.

She also tagged Ken Richardson, the BOE chairman, in the post, who responded that someone from the district office would contact her.

According to Holmes, that contact was not about fixing the problem, instead a message that was delivered through Forestbrook’s principal, who indicated that the district wanted Holmes to “take it down, and don’t make it look like something negative.”

It looks like something negative because it is utterly and purely satanic. This is child abuse as perpetrated by a bunch of luciferian criminals screaming out for millstones. Of course, they don’t want the public to know about this – it’s the same reason they do what they can to keep parents out of the schools. And this kind of response from the Board is the norm, not an aberration. Now, you know the drill: a look at Forestbrook:

This is what might be called, statistically, a “good” government school. Test score-wise it ranks above Horry County in general and the State of South Carolina in almost all subjects. And, yes, one finds the typical slide in math proficiency, from 80% in 3rd grade to 61% in 5th. Performance and test averages are slowly falling as the school continues to undergo the routine demographic collapse. It is maybe a decade away from the composition and performance of neighboring Socastee Elementary and Palmetto Bay Elementary. Then, what? Detroit levels? But, as-is, it’s in the top 15% of all elementary schools in SC – a “good” school.” And, yet this happens.

For the love of whatever you hold dear, get your children out of these abominable, hellish cauldrons of idiocy. No child deserves to be corralled like a prisoner. Homeschool.