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Halfway There, Methinks | From the CFF Sports Desk

Happy new week, fellow Branch COVIDians! If you can kindly refrain from the anal swabs and Aunt Yellen UBI begging for a moment, I have some extremely exciting news of the competitive athletic variety. Hey! You with the premature age spots, lethargy, and uncontrollable twitching! That’s probably acute immune thrombocytopenia, aka Pfizer poisoning. Seek immediate emergency medical help … aw, and he’s dead. Where were we? Oh, right, Tampa!

With the ongoing economic collapse, the simmering civil conflagration, out of control unrestricted warfare on all fronts, the lost art of echoing, and a general reluctance by some to accept the primacy of identity in certain matters, especially those political, it was a hard pick this week – until Sunday night. Super Bowl LV gave us too many records and firsts to ignore. Let’s dive right in, shall we?

Front and center, there’s the number seven. Tom Brady has now won SEVEN(!!!) of his ten(!) Super Bowl appearances – records that even the fake news media acknowledge in between bouts of “Kamala-ing” Creepy Joe. Me? My title, above. I think Brady is halfway to his attainable goal of fourteen SB rings. 14.

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