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I’m just wracking my brain now trying to come up with the perfect topic for TPC next week. You’ll know it when you read it! Lately, all this year, the gang (except for Kayla) have fretted over the dreaded menace of … IDENTITY POLITICS!!! As a hated Christian Nationalist, I, of course, happily acknowledge the truth of the identitarian trend. Given all that’s happened in the past year, especially in politics, one would assume that almost everyone would have come around already. One would assume wrong.

It’s: identity > culture > politics. It always has been, but so long as the dominant identity group and its culture controlled politics, few remembered or needed to. That has changed. Here’s the imperative of recognizing reality: In the USSA, politics is dead, as evidenced by the fraud, the coup, the allowing of the same, and the resulting war on Heritage America. Likewise, the dominant culture is dead, long gone, and the remnants are in mortal danger. That leaves ONLY identity to cling to. One will note that the other side(s) have no problem at all with this simple concept. If White Christians want to survive, they had best get on board. Of course, at TPC, I’m generally not allowed to write “White” and “Christians” together. Too many on our side won’t even acknowledge who we are – a terrible problem, but one that perhaps we can fix.

Some can’t, for one reason or another – can’t not won’t, come to grips. I have another idea that almost seems a little mean as to dealing with people like that. They generally fall into four categories, sometimes overlapping: the evil, the retarded, the mentally ill, and the habitually intoxicated. I advise never speaking to evil people outside of telling them to go away as they are literally dangerous to be around. The others are not necessarily bad people, but honestly, there can be no serious intellectual discussion with them. In important matters, be kind, but have as little to do with those others as possible – they waste time at best. No … that does sound mean…

Identity politics it is! If I can do it without being censored. Or unless something else comes up. Again, you’ll know it when you read it.