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The CIA AP propagandizes about Creepy Joe’s trip from the basement to the National Prayer Breakfast. A few points:

Sen. Chris Coons, D-Del., said the event is “an inclusive and positive” one that “recognizes the teachings of Jesus but is not limited to Christianity.”

I’m surprised he could utter the name of Jesus.

Norman Solomon, co-founder and national director of the progressive activist group RootsAction, warned Biden not to “reach across any aisle to bigotry.” “We don’t need any unity with bigotry,” Solomon said. “I fear a subtext of this engagement is, ‘Can’t we all get along.’ But that’s not appropriate in this case given the well-known right-wing and anti-gay background of the event’s sponsors.”

Solomon… No, obviously we cannot all get along.

…Biden, a devout Catholic…


“I hope President Biden recognizes we’re in a new moment,” Graves-Fitzsimmons said, “and that the Christian nationalism threat is a threat to both the sacred religious pluralism of the U.S. and to Christianity.”

So spoke an abomination the words of his father the liar.

So, nothing has changed. They still hate Jesus and His followers. I guess the good news is that they’re scared – their default emotion. Rise, Christian Nationalism!