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Youtube, which WordPress won’t tag in echoes, may not be all that happy about the direction of the Prepper Post News. While I go out of my way to obey all of their insane policies, sometimes they just can’t help but caution up my videos. Monday’s show dealt in part with the election fraud, as conspiracy theorized by the DOJ – back in 2016. YT brooks no dissent about the 2020 election, which again, was not my subject. I got this added to the screen:

Thanks, retards, we know that – stole it fair and square. Again, not what I was talking about.

I’m not sure if they have an AI that’s stupid or if it’s run of the mill SJW antics. Either way, they will not appreciate tomorrow’s show wherein I discuss the massive election fraud in the 2020 presidential election – in Burma. I think that’s where Kamala is from maybe, but Creepy Joe is not the president of that nation. (Neither is, now, the crook who stole it, being safely in military custody pursuant to a storm or something).

Speaking of stupid … did the civic nationalists, libertardians, and other USians not just live through the same 6-12 months as the rest of us? More on that, later.