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The Not So Funny Papers


Greetings, Piedmonteers! In the name of Brahma the Merciless (say Awoman!), I trust we’re all wearing our COVIET face burqas. Let’s review a new and alarming, if sadly predictable trend sweeping the remains of the USSA.

Oh, yes, this installment is a twofer – I figure I owe you, and there at least two big issues and all. 

First, a quick assessment of where this whole thing stands, from a realistic standpoint. With my sizable dosage of hopium having worn off, I’m back to where I was on July 30, 2020. This point is for future historians to ratify, but, friends, it’s over – at least as it has been. The days of even semi-free, quasi-fair, kinda-honest elections in the [fill in the titular terminology as you like: republic, democracy, collapsing empire, “gay” Talmudic clown show, etc.] are days of the past. I knew as early as 2012 that national contests were officially rigged, thus my cessation of direct participation. 2016 was a test that didn’t quite work out as planned. 2020 saw the institution of a fool-proof system; yes, everything was caught, but no one was willing to do anything about it. And, that (we’ll say 11:59 AM on January 20th) was the last chance for a miracle fix. If you’re granted an “election” in 2024, rest assured that the outcome is already decided. The fraud will not be traceable in the future, not that anyone will be looking for it then.

Things are moving right along now. I know everyone is reeling and starting to reassess allegiance to the Uniparty or one of the controlled opposition non-starters. That’s fine. Do what seems best to or for you. But, it’s time – past time – to embrace what’s unfolding. There are four general courses to take, some of which may overlap, tactically, as circumstances dictate: flee, fight, freeze, or hide.

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