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And then, they came for Dilbert. Or, Scott Adams, rather. The SJW harpies at Youtube yanked one of his videos for daring to question the narrative.

A disappointed Adams said via Twitter the same day his video was deleted that the Republic “is dead” due to the tech giant’s YouTube censorship.

“Ask yourself why a social media platform that has more fake news than real news only blocks election allegations it claims are false, and not everything else. The Republic is dead,” wrote Adams on Twitter.

The Republic has been dead for sixteen decades, but at least it’s better late than never for Adams. It’s a shame he, like FP, had to lose part of his work to these homoglobo communists. But, unlike us, they didn’t issue him a dreaded strike – probably because of his fame. Still, it just goes to show no matter how big a name you are or what you say, the thought police will come after you. Maybe it’s time to set something up in the downstairs hall as Solzhenitsyn once lamented not doing.