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It looks as if Georgia and Pennsylvania are not quite as onboard the Biden train as the AP and Youtube commanded.

UPDATE: Georgia has also selected a rival set of electors:

Because the President’s lawsuit contesting the Georgia election is still pending, the Republican nominees for Presidential Elector met today at noon at the State Capitol today and cast their votes for President and Vice President.

Keep in mind that if a state submits two sets of electors, the President of the Senate decides which group of electors to hear, as per the precedent set when Rutherford B. Hayes was elected. The President of the Senate is the Vice-President, Mike Pence. He also has the option of leaving the state out of the count.

And, it appears that Julian Assange will soon be free to help root out the parasitic corruption.

I’ll go ahead and extend sympathies to the AP and YT now. (HA, HA!)