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Or, re-selection day, if you’re the AP and the deep state. We know exactly how this is going to unfold, right? Are we sure?

On that day, electoral college delegations will meet separately in their respective states at their state capitols to cast their ballots for President and Vice President. The electors will then count the results and sign six certificates, known as Certificates of the Vote. Their Certificates of the Vote will then be paired with the Certificates of Ascertainment provided by the state governors. Then the packages will then be signed, sealed, and sent by registered mail to the President of the U.S. Senate (the Vice President). It’s clear, straightforward, black-letter law.

But what happens if the rules aren’t quite followed? What if the electors weren’t properly appointed, don’t meet on the right day, don’t have a certificate from the governor, and forget to sign their names?

There are, the AP’s assertions aside, many possibilities. As for the deep state, their statements, and not the evidence, control all.

Twitter, Facebook, Youtube, and the presstitute print, TV, and NPR media censor all information that indicates a stolen election. Not even neutral election experts heavily armed with facts, and witnesses who have signed sworn affidavits under penalty of perjury, are interviewed by the presstitute media or permitted to post documentation of electoral fraud on social media. It is simply out of the question to give any hearing to evidence. Some Democrats and presstitutes have even called for the arrest of anyone who says Biden did not win or might not have won if the evidence could be weighed. They want to make challenging the official explanation a crime subject to imprisonment, just as in some Western countries any stated opinion or evidence contrary to the official Holocaust story results in a prison sentence.

The same for Covid.

I’m dealing with this at YT right now, and as you’ll see this week, I’m not doing so well…