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Not to repent, as Vox Day observes.

Soros bought the Southern Baptists

A lot of Southern Baptists, and former Southern Baptists like myself, looked on askance as the Southern Baptist Convention, led by Russell Moore, leaped into social justice as if into the bosom of Abraham. It turns out that this corruption and convergence of the Southern Baptists began with the corruption of Dr. Russell Moore and his Ethics and Liberty Commission by George Soros:

A report from Enemies within the Church, printed below, contains documents obtained by the filmmakers that link grants and funding from leftist billionaires to the Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission (ERLC) of the Southern Baptist Convention and its head Russell Moore. The documents include grant data showing the Democracy Fund provided $50,000 to the controversial ERLC’s and The Gospel Coalition’s MLK50 Conference.

Much more there, read it all. And then, toss these charlatans out of your churches!