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I knew about the ones in Detroit. Then came a batch in Georgia. Now, according to the election-certifying(!) AP, it’s a nationwide thing – in response to a third wave of Hoax-Infinity.

Facing equally grim conditions, school systems around the U.S. and abroad are taking similarly tough action. Boston, Detroit, Indianapolis and Philadelphia are among those that are closing classrooms or abandoning plans to offer in-person classes later in the school year, and New York City may be next.

Such decisions are complicated by a host of conflicting concerns — namely, safety versus the potential educational and economic damage from schooling children at home, in front of computers, under their parents’ supervision.

Virus transmission does not appear to be rampant within schools themselves. Instead, many of the infections that are proving so disruptive are believed to be occurring out in the community. Educators fear things could get worse during upcoming holiday breaks, when students and staff gather with family and friends or travel to other hot spots.

The nation has entered “an extremely high-risk period,” said experts at PolicyLab, a Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia team that develops guidance. They shifted their advice this week, advocating online-only instruction for areas with rapidly rising rates, at least until after Thanksgiving.

Extremely high-risk … of what? The under eighteen set is essentially immune and does not appear to transmit the hoax. Or, could they be admitting that the high-risk comes from the schools themselves? Is it like with school shooting? Could “schools” cause hoax transmission? We may never know. However, we do know that most kids in the fading US haven’t seen much of their “schools” this year. Let’s hope that trend continues and becomes permanent. Just as there are no school shootings at homeschools, the eager-to-learn “homies” don’t have to worry about the scamdemic (any more than the general population). Homeschool! Or, since we’re getting away from the concept of classes, how about Unschooling?!