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Anyone who stands against the nations for all groups, white included, stands against God. Add in political worship and one finds someone probably not too keen on Heaven or America.

Loving America almost as much as heaven

Peters isn’t sure he likes the term “Christian nationalism” because he worries people will equate it with being a white nationalist or someone who hates Muslims and women — all things he disavows. But he concedes it fits the definition of someone who wants America to remain a Christian nation. “Some Christians are trying to shame those who love this country or love President Trump,” he said. “We’re saying, we’re not only unashamed, but we’re going to put it in the name.”

The worries aren’t natural. Chuck Baldwin’s latest sermon was all over this issue of crisis. God did not elect Donald Trump for Trump’s sake or the GOP’s. If there was a divine hand in 45, then it was to illuminate what Christians are doing wrong. One such thing is continuing to follow Charlatans.