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A new study is out that potentially sheds light on an old phenomenon and also the new-future of the dying US. I’ve skimmed the Daily Mail article. Here’s the STUDY which I have only glanced at. The plausible theory is that when a nation suffers from a more authoritarian government its eventual collapse is easier than that of a nation with a “free” government. That makes sense, as people living under harsher rule are used to hard times and make lighter of terminal calamity, and perhaps seek to hasten the process, minimizing pain, etc. It might seem counterintuitive, especially to those growing up in a more seemingly prosperous, and “exceptional” place like the late America.

Two issues: 1) I have titular misgivings about the names of the authors, given the nature of the paper; 2) this one focuses on the government-angle, which is important but not definitive, really being secondary to the demographic circumstances.

For what it’s all worth.

Also, I am informed that my first FP podcast, on something most similar, is in the editing process, having met with some degree of approval from the elves. That, when it’s available.