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Almost all of them (4,000ish) are worthless.

The stories are becoming tedious at this point. Today, it’s a self-described racist ruining a Linguistics department and #takemathback(to the stone ages):

In the latest sign that the mind of U.S. academia has been hijacked by the left, a professor from the University of California-Santa Barbara described herself “a white American” who is, therefore “by definition racist.”

In a webinar lecture entitled, “Undoing White Supremacy in the Language Disciplines,” Mary Bucholtz, Professor and Chair of the Department of Linguistics at the University of California-Santa Barbara, broke the news to America’s majority white population that white supremacy “is a system that White people have built in order to oppress everyone else.”

Read the whole pathetic thing and then read PCR’s hilarious take on the matter. If you are a young American contemplating college, the seriously reconsider. For a guide to the very few decent schools, consult the ACTA A-list. Be mindful that the criteria are academically-based; schools may have other structural and/or cultural problems; I know three of the “As” do. Again, I recommend Thomas More of NH and Magdalen College, also of NH. (One will note a distinct lack of Hoax adherence at those two). For other options and/or for graduate school, then look to Europe, especially Eastern Europe. Consult the “Polish Option” and similar academic potential in GET OUT!