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They’re getting nervous with the 2020 total deaths count looming larger week by week. The estimate already looks very bad for the hoax. Thus, they sling “studies” at the wall.

Deaths directly or indirectly attributable to the first wave of Covid-19 infections across 21 wealthy nations earlier this year exceeded government tallies by 20 percent on average, according to a study published Wednesday.

Looking at the period from mid-February through May 2020, researchers reported 206,000 more deaths than would have been expected without the pandemic.

But only 167,148 were officially traced to the coronavirus that has swept the globe since the start of the year, infecting tens of millions.

Many of the roughly 40,000 unaccounted-for deaths were due to Covid-19 but not listed as such, especially early in the pandemic when overwhelmed hospitals in some nations were unable to systematically test patients.

Blah, blah, blah. Total deaths from all causes will drop, at least in the US, from 2019 to 2020. When that happens (next year), look for a new “study” from the CDC that says that many people still alive are really dead – from COVID, of course. And, who knows? Maybe by then, they can manage to isolate s specimen and develop a test for the virus, literally based on the virus and not a randomized series of guesses. Next, look for the cessation in all future total death reports. Reporting causes of death = Russian white supremacy!