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A rare personal note:

I read A LOT, most of it on a horrid, blue-light computer screen. Frequently, eye strain visits upon one or both of my eyes. It’s most common presentation is a curved distortion “floating” over the center field of vision. Think about a jagged crack, filled with prismatic colors, that grows to form a blurry circle. Headaches sometimes come along for the fun.

The cause is the straining of the little eye muscles. They tense up and stretch everything, thus creating the mildly painful and utterly annoying floating prism of doom.

The cure is simple rest. Relax and the muscles ease and everything returns to normal.

This morning, I noticed a jagged crack forming over my left eye. I cursed it as it slowly spread into a full circle, though I figured I could just live with it for the day. Out on the interstate, some ten minutes later, I approached an overpass. Up there, on the sidewalk, a small band of people held forth a sign. They were waving at passing cars. The sign said, “Abortion Takes A Human Life.” Pro-life. Good. My right hand, resting atop the steering wheel, flashed them a peace sign as I drove beneath. They saw it and waved directly.

Guess what instantly cleared up?

Happy, clear mind = relaxed body. All is well.