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January? Last year? Can’t remember? Neither can I.

I do know that the banks I do business have essentially sealed their buildings to the public. The ATM is now and ITM(!) where equipment permitting, you can speak “directly” with a teller. I’ve heard of branch closings. Others have too. Vox Day issues a warning:

Banks don’t make their money from deposits anymore. And increasingly, they don’t make money from loans anymore. So there simply isn’t any point in maintaining branches for service to non-revenue-producing customers who have no savings and can’t take out any more loans.

It’s interesting that they’re trying to sell the real estate, though. That tends to indicate that they need cash. It won’t be even remotely surprising if the next financial crisis starts later this month; I would be very surprised if it didn’t start before the end of 2021.

Read his whole post, including the email. Then reconcile that with what you know about your town, small or large. Does any of this suggest a remotely healthy economy? And it’s been going on since before the last crisis. Banks and mega-corporations now exist by stealing gold and accepting USG/Fed monetary methadone (thanks, GC!). It’s (way past) time for a reset.