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I’ve been saying for some time that the internet is almost dead, at least speed-wise. I think it peaked around 2005 and has been slowly inching backward since. Hooray! It’s like 1996 all over again. Others agree:

Some of this nationalistic dis-integration of the internet has been foreseen as the 1990s’ open/global internet gradually became a principal domain of war, news, espionage, politics, propaganda, banking, commerce, entertainment, and education since around 2005. The process of creating hundreds of individual, national internets has been slow because the global Internet β€” the network of networks β€” was never designed to recognize national borders and because the United States had been a forceful opponent of a fragmented set of national internets. Both of these conditions have changed β€” and they are changing rapidly.

At this rate, in another year or three, your cat videos will be delivered by a pigeon or a cloud of smoke.