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“America” is not the Holy Roman Empire of the 21st Century. America is gone and the US is dying. Take out “Holy” – as there’s little Holy about the US – and the US is the Western Roman Empire in late-stage collapse.

The Holy Roman Empire was finally dissolved when Napoleon, commanding the first modern national army, steamrolled the coalition opposing him at the Battle of Austerlitz in 1805. About half the empire’s territory was folded into a brief “Confederation of the Rhine” French puppet state, and Francis II, the last emperor, abdicated the throne. In western Germany, Napoleon swept away all the feudal cruft and replaced it with his famous legal code, which heavily influenced the subsequent German legal foundation.

That certainly won’t be the fate of America, and of course this analogy is far from perfect in every respect. But the broader lesson is that political systems require maintenance and regular updating to stay on top of the developments of history. A great many holes in America’s national fabric have been left un-patched over the decades. An ever-more extreme conservative party is now exploiting those holes to try to permanently conquer the American republic. They might well succeed.

It’s a hard read to follow – far from perfect, yes – but almost worth it. You see, the Electoral College and gerrymandering did in the HRE. “America” is just the same, but of course, won’t suffer the same fate. A republic…