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More hidden admissions from the CDC: Uh-Oh.

Ann Barnhardt really can’t be praised enough for catching this:

Do you see what I see? Again, this includes all the Stage 4 cancers, strokes, kidney failures and accident victims who were suspected of corona. Now allow me to convert those “official” mortality rates into survival rates, to make it easier to understand and share, and judge for yourself if everything, especially everything related to young people, should continue to be cancelled, or, NEVER SHOULD HAVE BEEN CANCELLED.

0-19 years old: 99.997% survival
20-49 years old: 99.98% survival
50-69 years old: 99.5% survival
70+ years old: 94.6% survival

And again, the real numbers are even 4x-5x better than these. Never mind that half the people over 70 who died were probably murdered in nursing homes.

Get the word out, folks. Time to end this.

At the rate these numbers keep falling, by the time next year when they lie that Mars is attacking, “Coronavirus” will probably be credited with saving lives.