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We get a hoax of Corona magnitude.

As Dr. Ronald Brown said: “The manuscript cites the smoking-gun, documented evidence showing that the public’s overreaction to the coronavirus pandemic was based on the worst miscalculation in the history of humanity, in my opinion.”

Who’s he? He wrote THIS ARTICLE with the Cambridge University Press:


In testimony before US Congress on March 11, 2020, members of the House Oversight and Reform Committee were informed that estimated mortality for the novel coronavirus was 10-times higher than for seasonal influenza. Additional evidence, however, suggests the validity of this estimation could benefit from vetting for biases and miscalculations. The main objective of this article is to critically appraise the coronavirus mortality estimation presented to Congress. Informational texts from the World Health Organization and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention are compared with coronavirus mortality calculations in Congressional testimony. Results of this critical appraisal reveal information bias and selection bias in coronavirus mortality overestimation, most likely caused by misclassifying an influenza infection fatality rate as a case fatality rate. Public health lessons learned for future infectious disease pandemics include: safeguarding against research biases that may underestimate or overestimate an associated risk of disease and mortality; reassessing the ethics of fear-based public health campaigns; and providing full public disclosure of adverse effects from severe mitigation measures to contain viral transmission.

The war talk early on, among other things, gave this hoax away. War, campaign … lies. And, not to disagree with the good doctor, but I don’t think the miscalculations were unintentional; these monsters knew what they were doing and why.

All of the numbers are off: from the ten-fold fatalities overestimation in Congress in March (which doubled and then some upon contact with a certain made for TeeVee doctors like Chicken Little) to the 200,000 dead from Corona(!!!) which turns out to only be about 10,000. That latter “miscalculation” of the fear-based campaign variety was the subject of a weekly column not long ago. Therein, I used the CDC’s own plain yet extensive data sets, as others did, to show the proper mathematical reduction. Still, some gamma moron belatedly chimed in at TPC with a comment about danger, sheep, and me needing to used fact-based something or another. As I do not talk to retards, I missed the chance to answer, “fuck off.” If you’re that stupid – and so many are – then no amount of data or facts will ever do the trick. Enjoy your miscalculations.