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NSA spying is illegal and might violate something called the … constitution(???). So says the Ninth Circus:

The National Security Agency program that swept up details on billions of Americans’ phone calls was illegal and possibly unconstitutional, a federal appeals court ruled Wednesday.

However, the unanimous three-judge panel of the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals said the role the so-called telephone metadata program played in a criminal terror-fundraising case against four Somali immigrants was so minor that it did not undermine their convictions.

Well, thank God. How’s that for governance? A criminal government imports incompatible third world terrorists, and then spies on them (and you!), but not in a way that would undermine convictions. If you’re scratching your head on this one, relax, you’re sane. And, yes, it would have been much easier and morally sound to not spy on us and not gather unto these shores the garbage of the world that hates us. Remember that should you be lucky enough to participate in the rebuilding.