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That’s the American university. That quote, from Ron Unz, appeared in this Larry Romanoff article from last November that I must have overlooked.

The quality of American education, as we will see, is far lower than the world has been led to believe, and the quality in China is in many cases much superior to that in the US. Americans might care to ask why it is that Chinese elementary or high school students moving to the US are often promoted by one or two grades. The reason is that they know so much more than their American counterparts they would suffer terminal boredom if forced to remain at their prior grade level. If we refer to the PISA tests, Shanghai’s math scores were 119 above the OECD average, or the equivalent of nearly three years of schooling, with reading and science exceeding the OECD average by about 1.5 years of schooling. And in some cases, the American students were behind the OECD average by approximately the same number of years as the Chinese were ahead.

In the reading, I had a few minor quibbles about something. I gave those up, finding in general, exactly what I’ve been seeing and commenting on for years. It’s a great primer on higher “education” in the exceptional land of the free. I found it in this Romanoff article, today, about all things “exceptional” in the USofA.

I’m sure all this will impove after the election!