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Well, this story is in keeping with the earlier post about my new book. And, like the sad Mass schools article from the other day, it has many, if not all, of the interesting components.

As the pandemic has ravaged the United States, some Americans are finding that a second citizenship or permanent residency has a renewed appeal. “Even the most basic things have become politicized,” said Anjelica Triola, 34, a director of marketing at Wethos, a company that helps freelancers grow their businesses, who also has Italian heritage.

She brought up protective masks as an example. “My father’s parents came here to be free, and there is an entire generation that are trying to go back now to pursue similar freedoms,” she said.

Paperwork Americans;

First and second generations migrants that never assimilated;

Dual (paper) loyalties;

Single mothers;

Admission that the “Land of the Free” no longer is;

Boomers(!); and more!

We ran here for the good times and helped wreck this nation. Now that the fun is over and the fires are burning, it’s time to go (back to the real) home! And, these paperwork jobs are or were marginal Americans, not quite Anglo, but close enough, right? They’re far from the worst dual-nationals too. Here’s hoping that they find peace and nationalism in their true nations. Americans used to enjoy something like that, you know, here in America. Crazy, yes.

Get Out! kids, if you’re thinking about moving, remember the criticalities of compatibility. If you go, go to stay and stay to integrate. You’ll never be [fill in the blank nationality] unless it’s already literally in your blood. But your grandkids might. I keep writing “kids, kids, kids” for a reason! No Boomers, please. Gen X, we’re on the line and I’m leaning towards a “no.”