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The book is proving about as popular as I feared it would, though I hope the few of you who have downloaded it find it helpful.

Lately, one of my selected nations has been in the news for all the wrong reasons.

Belarus is towards the end, written about when I was running out of steam and received the barest mention:

A little larger and inland, landlocked. Ethnically Belarusian and other Euros. 80% Eastern Orthodox, with more Roman Catholic, Greek Catholic, and various Protestants. An IQ like Lithuanian. Flat and cool. A developed economy where privatization is still in progress. They’re not on the Euro, using the “new” Ruble – theirs, not the Russians. They speak Russian and Belarusian, officially.

And now, oh, no! They have – surprise, surprise – political problems. What country doesn’t?

Here’s how I see the situation with Lukashenko, Putin, and the protesters: for [reasons], what’s happening there is still better than what is happening at the same time in dying Amerika. Watch Belarus. Whatever comes of the current turmoil will still be more pleasant than what unfolds in the US.

I’m happy to clear that up. Kids, if you’d like,

Get out!