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Orange Man and millions of semi-conscious Amerikans are eager to ship their children back to the concentration camps. Yet the masses sense something is wrong. A poll, as reported by the ASSociated press, finds a majority are not comfortable with reopenings this fall.

Patty Kasbek, of Bartlesville, Oklahoma, said she desperately wants her two children, ages 5 and 10, to return to school. After months at home, the family is stressed and anxious. But with the virus surging, she doesn’t see a safe way to reopen.

“School shouldn’t even be considered right now,” said Kasbek, 40. “We need to get this under control before we play with the virus. It’s just too dangerous to put our kids out there like guinea pigs.”

Her local school district is planning to reopen with new safety measures, she said, but she’s opting to enroll her children in a virtual school. She isn’t as worried about her own health but fears that reopening schools could spread the virus to others.

The virus. Virtual school is an infinitely better alternative than forcing children into the company of thugs, pedophiles, and luciferian communists. But, since they’re at home, why not homeschool them? The probable answer is something like “conformity.”

As for the universities, or the sad proxies thereof, Lew Rockwell ponders if they are finished? Dear Lord, let’s hope so.

Ending this on an optimistic note: Anthony Esolen’s weekly column focuses on the discovery of tradition, culture, and knowledge – something alien to the schools. Those failed institutions are indeed infected with a virus. Socially-distance yourselves from it.