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In the PRIVATE schools. I’ve made scant mention of this problem before – as bad as the public schools are, many (most?) privates are not necessarily the answer. A billionaire calls out an agenda:

Billionaire hedge funder John Paulson protested against ultra-elite Manhattan school Spence for what he claims was an “alarming pattern” of “anti-white indoctrination” in its curriculum.

Paulson, 64, who famously made millions betting against the American housing market prior to the 2008 financial crisis and was an economic adviser to President Trump, wrote a 2017 letter to prestigious all-girls school Spence, attended by his two daughters. Famous Spence alums include Gwyneth Paltrow, Kerry Washington, Emmy Rossum, Bee Shaffer and Jade Jagger.

It reads, “In recent years we have reached out on several occasions to discuss a disturbing trend in one area of the curriculum that we believe is having a negative impact on our daughters’ education. As we’ve noted before, there appears to be an anti-white indoctrination that permeates many parts of the Spence curriculum.”

I would imagine that whatever he’s noticed is only the tip of the iceberg. There’s a narrative that has infected Amerika, all parts, including public and many (most?) private schools. It’s not just anti-white, though that is, for now, the main visible conduit. It’s also anti-American, anti-Western, anti-family, anti-traditional, anti-learning, anti-normal, anti-sane, anti-Christian, and anti-God. By their works, we know them.

This example is in NYC, where one might expect to find it and, in fact, be surprised had the opposite been alleged. In North Carolina, an “elite” classical private school openly, if crookedly, avows a “Judeo-Christian worldview.” Classical learning and reason, under a worldview of inherent contradiction and falsehood, is impossible. In Georgia, an “elite” prep school openly, and unashamedly, pushes the globohomo agenda, especially regarding the superiority of secular Islam – surely sanitized to any reverence for Allah. Both of these Southern schools cater predominantly to White Christian families.

Why? Why is it that the alternative to the pagan idiot factories of the state offers the same debasement, if at a slower rate (and higher price)? It’s because of the fallen nature of the entire society and because the concept of schools is unnatural. There are, here, and there, good private academies run by decent people, where learning happens without resort to the satanic. They’re getting hard to find, diamonds in the dung heaps. The sure-fire solution: Homeschool, or better yet, unschool.