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The usual stupid suspects are anxious to re-start the child abuse.

The emergency order acknowledged differing scenarios in different parts of the state. It also recognized that not all parents intend to send their children back to school buildings come August. Chancellor Jacob Oliva said flexibility in education options and funding will be key — along with plenty of progress monitoring — to keeping students moving ahead with their lessons. • Some district officials said the state order upends their reopening plans, the Herald-Tribune reports. • Others contended the order doesn’t undermine their local authority, the Palm Beach Post reports.

With uncertainty still looming, it’s no wonder some families are balking at stating their preferences right now. The Hillsborough County school district gave everyone an extra week to think about their first semester choices. Some parents are demanding mandatory masks. Many are giving full-time virtual education a closer look.

The three options are regular school, limited days/capacity regular school, or online school. Keeping the kids as far away from the madness should be the only option, but these are Amerikan parents we’re talking about.

A side story from the Times highlighted (or lowlighted) the increasing suspension of student speech and freedom in Pasco County. That’s the same county where the titular highs school boasts a 39% student test score average and a, what? 90% graduation rate? Priorities.

In other news, I made the mistake of recently visiting a Georgia business where the HOAXID rules are enforced with zeal. In the state where the savages attack and burn the state police headquarters and get away with it, the normies are afraid of offending the local CDC commissars, stepping and fetching like slaves. On that note, a little later in the week, I’ll have more on my civilization escape options, a series limping towards completion.