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By October 1, 1946, the Anglo-American system of jurisprudence was completely dead – a forerunner for the nations. Today, in America (and the UK), we have two systems: 1) a “justice” [SIC] system for us, used selectively to herd the serfs about, and; 2) a “just us” system for our betters. Of course, the Senators did nothing wrong.

The Justice Department has closed insider trading investigations into three senators who sold off stocks following early briefings on the coronavirus, aides told NBC News.

A spokesman for Sen. Kelly Loeffler, R-Ga., confirmed that she had been informed that the Justice Department had dropped an inquiry into her trades and called the allegations “politically motivated.”

 Rare or unknown is the courtesy of an inquiry-dropping notification. But, again, they’re special. They really are: Kelly Loeffler looks like Giraffe Barbie; Dianne Feinstein missed her appointment that day with Dan White, and … I’m surprised they let Inhofe off while keeping the pressure on the Burr (up NC’s butt).

No wonder people are cracking up.