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Seniors at South Korean high schools returned to the physical classrooms after a months-long hoax-cation. These students stand above their American counterparts in all academic areas. Look at the picture in the linked article. First, they look like students, like adults – the men wear ties like American men did seventy years ago. Notice the obvious proper body proportions, like we had seventy years ago. They seem to lack something in that room deemed ultra-critical by the charlatans who ruined America’s schools and culture, something we did without seventy years ago.

As for the hoax, they’re all wearing fear masks, some have wipes, one boy handles a plastic something-or-another, and all of them are behind plastic shields (like the foreign kids I TPC’d a few weeks ago). And yet some of them are still catching mild cases of the cold! If serious, hygienic, and intelligent Korean students can’t social-distance the hoax away, then what chance have slovenly, dull-witted, careless Amerikans?

[Note to Koreans: DO NOT become Amerikans in 70 years!]

A real school system in a functioning country implemented all the hysteria-based craziness and still can’t escape the hoax. Child abuse victims in the Empire’s “schools” have no chance. These institutions are a plague in and of themselves. Keep them closed forever.