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Perhaps the best “Government School =” article yet!

The greatest benefit of the CoronaHoax is the full exposure of the hoax and failure of public education.

The shutdown of schools across America, both public and private, has thrown the lives of parents into an upside-down struggle. And now, in the name of safety, the Centers for Disease Control are nearly guaranteeing the destruction of public schools in the United States.

They don’t mean to, of course. After all, public schools are the government-run and government-approved schools. But right now, every single parent across America is homeschooling. We are all getting a look at the shortcomings of curriculum, bureaucracy, and the people involved. While some teachers have risen to the occasion and tried their absolute hardest to attend to the educational and mental well-being of their students, there are some teachers who are just mailing it in. And there are kids and families that are mailing it in as well. The situation, as it stands right now, is not a sustainable one.

States and school districts, now that most have been shut down for the remainder of this school year, are frantically trying to assess how the next school year will look in an age of “social distancing” and mask wearing. And then the CDC just released guidelines on school reopening.

The CDC Guidelines – sure to drive the last nail in. We should push the DOE to “codify” them through the CFR so as to be binding on the local schools.

To all the parents seeking private homeschool teachers or tutors – a massive growth industry – please dispense with the “certification” requirements. Learn the minimum your state requires (likely not much) and just do that. Adding the credentialism back in adds the risk of cross-contamination. This is the time to break from the whole pathetic system. See my Ed Page for more ideas.