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Americans no longer have a nation. We instead live in a vast mental institution, part depressing reality, and part even more depressing television.

Jim Bakker just incurred the wrath of- Yeah! Jim “dial 900 to request a prayer, 800 to make a donation” Bakker is still alive! Jim Bakker just incurred the wrath of the FDA and the Missouri AG after he hawked medical silver as a “virus” cure on his Gospel of Insanity Show. Silver is nominally anti-microbial, though in pill form perhaps not that effective. He got in trouble. No. No! Then, not to be outdone by a 1980’s has-been, Orange Man touted the liquid sunshine and injectable bleach cure!!!! I’m sure that at least one of our 300 million…

For what it’s worth, neither of these men has a background in medicine, science, or anything remotely honest.

In real “virus” news: The CDC announced 6,000 more “virus” symptoms, to include things within and without the body. If you have a headache, you have the “virus.” If you stump your toe, get stabbed, fall off a ladder, or scope-eye yourself while sighting in the old .30-06, then you have the “virus.” Should it rain, you have the “virus.” When one day changes to the next … it’s once again, the “virus.”

The good news is that tonight, Rod Serling will address the nation oversized nut house during Orange Man’s 975th “virus” press conference. Hold off on the bleach until then.