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Or, nation-shaped kind of place, that giant mental asylum between Mexico and Canada.

While you shuffled around in your Halloween costume, foraging for toilet paper and trying to stay saaaaaafe, the following was going on:

Enter the Greater Depression;

Orange Man is advised by cartoon character idiots (spacesuits for the sheep!);

In a 100-man Senate, 6 is unanimous. Now, this is the second bailout bill. The one from a few weeks ago just wasn’t enough even though it was the most expensive single-ticket insanity in history. (And, they are already putting the finishing touches on yet another package, likely to be followed by another, then another, etc.). This 6-man, unanimous, quick-n-easy $483 Billion spree amounts to more than the entire federal budget for 1978 ($458 Bn).

An alternate way to spell “U-S-A” is “D-E-A-D.” I look forward to the Fourth of July – provided the country is even moderately open by then – and all the platitudes and songs about freedom and so forth. Okay, for now, everyone stay saaaaaaafe! We’re all in this, like it or not, together. We can beat the invisible enemy, and history, and reality, and even gravity.