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I did, today, send a letter to the President about the COVID-covered economy. Here it is:

Hon. Donald John Trump
The White House

In Re: The Economic Collapse in America

Dear President Trump:

May I congratulate you on your handling of the recent unpleasantness related to the Wuhan COVID-19. I understand this must be a challenging and monumental task. However, I remind you that you did not create the virus. Nor did you create the near-terminal conditions in the economy, as revealed by the pandemic. But, while I trust the virus will burn itself out, you potentially have the ability to cure the financial calamity which has incubated and infected for over one-hundred years. I offer three suggestions:

First, cancel all debts. All of them: national, state, corporate, and individual. There are numerous methods for doing this. For years, people have told me that such a corrective course would “destroy the economy.” As it appears that is already happening, perhaps there is no better time.

Second, eliminate the virus that is the Federal Reserve, with its fractional banking, fake currency, constant inflation, cannibalistic financialization, and economic sorcery. The chief priests of this temple of usury are among the deepest of the deep staters, elders in the swamp of which you are intimately familiar. Drain it. Make usurious lending a felony.

Third, institute a gold or other commodity standard and a reset, a return to normalcy and sanity.

Bailouts, handouts, more fake money, and more debt will only paper-over, perpetuate, and exacerbate the already insidious problems. Lockdowns, martial law, and indefinite detention of Americans certainly will not help matters.

Please contact me if you have any questions about the potential processes and proposals briefly mentioned above. May God give you strength and wisdom in all your important endeavors.


Perrin Lovett

UPDATE: The Gatekeepers answer:

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They misspelled Farcebook.