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Pope Francis prays – and I do not doubt his sincerity – that God halts the Coronavirus.

He tells la Repubblica what these days are teaching him.

Holy Father, what did you ask for when you prayed in the two Roman churches?

“I asked the Lord to stop the epidemic: Lord, stop it with your hand. That’s what I prayed for.”

This, as Catholics (and Protestants) take a long leave of absence from the churches – Divine Distancing. I read earlier today that the Diocese of Charleston (SC) halted Sacramental Services for the duration – meaning, no Eucharist. So, it’s almost like we’re saying: “Dear Lord, we’re going to shun Your Direct Presence for a little while as we kind of lack sufficient faith to meet with You under the circumstances. You know… Oh, but please help us while we’re away. Thanks, The Peeps.” It’s like there’s a shortage of soul sanitizer or something.

I still await confirmation of any case, ever, of any disease transmission via Communion.

In other news, regarding the likely reasons behind the hoax, I have started drafting what may be my final letter to the President. If I have the energy to send it, I’ll post a copy here.