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Dr. Anthony Esolen writes excellently about the plague that the new schools are to boys.

One is that nobody cares. If you hire a man to teach English in your school, and the girls languish because they can’t stand his manners or the things he chooses to teach, you let that man go; it’s his fault. If you hire a woman for the same job in the same place, and the boys languish because they can’t stand her manners or the things she chooses to teach, she keeps her job as long as she wants; it’s their fault. Again, I am speaking generally. If some individual boy or girl fails in your class, that may not be your fault. But if a whole group fails, you are not the person for that job.

However that may be, the facts speak for themselves. The experiment has failed. It is time for men to resume the responsibility to educate their sons.

Will anyone care to so resume? And, if so, when?