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Both sides of the story, smelling something like due process, are woefully out of taste in the West. Here, another story I’ve been on for nearly three years. Ivanka cried and daddy fired some missiles at Syria: first-class foreign policy, let me tell you. I did, in 2017.

A year after the fact, long after the weather reports and the first responder handlings disproved the official lie story, there was still (one-sided) debate about whodunnit. Now, ever more uncomfortable facts roll out.

In accordance with the FFM’s mandate, the report of the FFM does not draw conclusions about possible perpetrators. In the June 2018 decision, the States Parties mandated the Secretariat to put in place arrangements to identify the perpetrators of the use of chemical weapons in the Syrian Arab Republic. The IIT—established by the Conference of the States Parties—examines cases as specified in the June decision. The FFM Douma report falls into this category of cases.

Who needs positive identification or facts when the first daughter has tears? At least in the interim, there have been no additional loosey-goosey missile strikes anywhere. Oh…