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For decades, the GOP has cherished its role as the stupid party.™ Now, House Democrats ponder claiming it as their own.

House Democrats are grappling with whether to pursue further investigations of President Trump following his acquittal in the Senate, facing both an election in nine months and fresh White House actions that they say demand scrutiny.

Democrats want to look into whether the president improperly influenced the Justice Department’s sentencing recommendation for a Trump confidant, casting Mr. Trump as emboldened by the end of the impeachment process. At the same time, party leaders are eager to focus on pocketbook issues for voters, such as health care, and Democrats are wary of launching another drawn-out fight with the White House that could backfire in November.

Could backfire? After the Mueller report failure, and after the dismal impeachment trial, the American people will not take seriously any new claims about Trump made by these fools. They’d be best to let it go. Then again, they’d be best not to run with any of the candidates they currently offer for President. Just to be safe, the GOP had better do something really dumb, really quick.