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Dr. Tom Ironsides has been proven correct once again; it’s like he and his author were on to something. The Atlantic, a magazine given to softly pushing the next great thing – cannibalism, has a new and exciting article on the rise of witchcraft in the remains of America.

“Witchcraft is feminism, it’s inherently political,” Gabriela Herstik, a witch and an author, told Sabat magazine. “It’s always been about the outsider, about the woman who doesn’t do what the church or patriarchy wants.”

Yes, witch, we know that. Rebellion against God, His Church, and His People. It affects everything in society, from the government, to the bar associations, to the public schools. Sayeth the Ironsides:

Later, he almost kicked himself: ‘“Feminists, queers, and globalists” would have been more accurate. Or, just “satanists…”’ He let it go. [THE SUBSTITUTE, Ch. 11]

Magical, huh?