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It’s their fault, the millions of Amerikans who chose to be something other than central or commercial banksters. Now, 1/3rd of them complain about the choices they made.

About 31% of respondents earning over $100,000 also regularly experience a budget shortfall before payday.

Kids, go to banking school. It’s as simple as that. Those at the head of the through get more of the slop. The rest, $100Kers included, get priced out for their hard work. The article mentions educational expenses, so let’s compare those to a $100k income. The web says that the average in-state college tuition today is about $10,200. A generation ago, it was one-quarter of that price. Now, $100K today is about the same as $56,000 back then. A doubling versus a quadrupling. Again, it’s not that hard – be a bankster. That, or continue to buy used food and toilet paper. The Republicrats will be all over this issue by October.